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October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas

Document and Correspondence Management System

MidyaTech D&CMS (Document and Correspondence Management System) is a state-of-art correspondence solution for government organization in any size (small office or department up to ministries or the whole government) with unlimited number of hierarchy organization chart and it allows top-management and executives to track correspondence electronically.

System Capabilities

This system is capable of handling thousands of official correspondences and documents per day millions per year, in integral with organizations workflow. All users, departments, groups have their own authentications and authorizations to
implement daily tasks.
This system allowing organization to manage the flow of correspondence, including internal memo communications, control and track all received correspondence.
When correspondence is received, and logged into D&CMS, an on-line folder is created. Each folder contains information such as correspondent’s name, organizational affiliation, address, D&CMS classification, descriptive summary, keywords, various tracking dates, action required, assignments to components and in some instances, the scanned correspondence and response.

D&CMS Main Functions

  • Manage Incoming & Outgoing External Correspondence
  • Manage Inter-Departmental Correspondence
  • Full work process automation
  • Extensive reporting (performance, status, stats)
  • Enterprise Archiving Center
  • Integration with HR systems for rolls (no users hardcoding) with advanced permissions control
  • Allow assembling committees from different members to allow inter department communications at the committee level
  • Mapping for organizational structure
  • Alerts and Notifications on web portal, emails and SMS
  • Mobile and office